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Everyone has to go to work... even robots. A new robot is looking for a job at the office, but it's not sure how to prepare for its interview with the boss. In this game, you don't control the main character - instead, you control NPCs who can talk to and instruct the new robot. Will it ace the interview or fall flat on its face? It's up to you!

- click on robots to control them
- choose your robot's dialogue options!
- the green Guide Bots can tell the main character where to move

- press F1 through F12 to change the window size
- press Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen

Hint: It might help to keep a piece of paper handy while playing, to remember things for later.

python-b5 - programming, text
Sam Gorman - art, audio, text
Daniel Linssen - font (https://managore.itch.io/m5x7)

🎵 Listen to the OST on Bandcamp:


Beep Boop, How May I Help You (Windows).zip 29 MB
Beep Boop, How May I Help You (Linux).AppImage 32 MB

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